Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Are You Adding A Hardscape To Your Back Yard?

Bertha Ruiz

Have you decided that you want to add a hardscape to your back yard? Perhaps you want to keep some of the regular green landscaping, but you want to lessen your work by having a cement foundation for part of your back yard. From buying ready mix cement that you will faux paint to selecting pots and statuary for part of the hardscape, here are some ideas that might help you to design a good looking back yard.

Ready Mix Cement Suppliers - Of course, you can more than likely go to a home goods store to buy the cement you need. However, since you need a great deal of cement for your hardscape, consider buying it right from the ready mix cement supplier. By doing this, you may be able to save some money. The supplier will more than likely deliver the ready mix cement right to your back yard.

Once you mix the cement and have it in place, consider faux painting it to give it added interest. For example, you might choose to make the cement foundation look like an old pebble stone road you might see in Greece or Italy. Or, you could give the cement a formal look by faux painting it to look like marble. Do you want a Mexican flavor to your hardscape area? If so, think of faux painting the ready mix cement to look like Mexican tile. The great part about selecting ready mix cement is that it's very affordable and it will last for a long time. 

Select Pots And Statuary - Add interest and drama to your hardscape by including pots and statuary in the design. For example, a multi-tiered water fountain right in the center of your hardscape would be a great focal point for the entire back yard. Or, you might want to designate a corner of the area for something like a large angel statue. Pots of different sizes and shapes can later be filled with plants like bougainvillea and small palm trees to add color to the hardscape.

Think of adding a bit of whimsy to the hardscape by placing small animal statues in different places. For example, you might select a bunny statue that looks like it's peeking out of one of the larger pots. Or, you might buy a pair of small squirrel statues that seem to be running toward the green landscaped area of your back yard. 

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Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

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