Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

3 Considerations For First-Time Aquarium Owners

Bertha Ruiz

Do you like the look of decorative fish? Are you thinking about adding a tank full of fish to your home? Fish can be an ideal pet for many people, whether you're allergic to more traditional cats and dogs or you simply like the look of fish. But before you rush out and buy any fish, there are things that you need to know. Some of them may be obvious, but failure to take them into consideration could potentially lead to disappointment as your fish start to die off. The most important things that you should know or consider include:

Fresh or salt water: If you've never kept fish before, you're almost certainly going to want to keep freshwater fish. Although fish that live in salt water or a sea-type environment can be beautiful, they can also be difficult to keep. Saltwater fish need everything balanced just right, something that can be difficult for first-time fish owners. Too much or too little salt could lead to death. They also tend to need warm-water aquariums, and accidentally picking the wrong heater for the tank could result in them dying from cold in the average room or from getting overheated if the heater is too big for the tank in question.

Tank size: The type and number of fish that you can have are going to directly correspond with how large of a tank that you have. Many people choose tiny aquariums and fill them with a large number of fish for aesthetic reasons. This may work temporarily, but it won't last forever. Remember that any waste produced by your fish, whether by breathing or digestion, will go into the water where your fish are living. Filters and pumps can only do so much to keep the tank clean and liveable. If a professional tells you that your tank can only take 3 of the fish that you're looking at, either get a bigger aquarium or consider different fish instead.

Empty tank: One of the most disappointing things that must be done with new aquariums is to fill them up and allow them to run for a week or more without fish. You will still need to test the water and do water changes as if there were fish living inside, but you won't have the beautiful fish to look at while you do this. This action is called "cycling the tank" and must be done in order to allow colonies of healthy bacteria to establish themselves in your tank's filter and gravel. These healthy bacteria will break down your fish's waste products, allowing you to go longer between water changes and the water quality to be better in general. The employees at your local fish store should be familiar with how to cycle aquariums and will be able to answer any questions that you might have about the process.

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