Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Outdoor Water Features

Bertha Ruiz

There's something about being near water that's soothing. The sound of water trickling over a cascade of rocks or the sight of fish lazily swimming by can help the stresses of even the most busy day melt away. If you want to bring some of the spa-like quality of water to your backyard, there are plenty of options. Read on for some ideas. 


A backyard pond is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon. Place interesting potted or in-ground plants, an interesting sculpture or some unusually shaped rocks around it to create a visually arresting reflecting pool. Populate the pond with fish, tadpoles or turtles to bring some life to your backyard and provide your kids with some low-maintenance pets. Backyard ponds can be created with DIY kits that can be purchased at a local hardware store, or they can be professionally installed. Be sure that small children are always supervised when near the water. 


The sound of trickling water will be a beautiful backdrop to your at-home oasis, and there are plenty on the market so that you'll be sure to find one that fits your needs. Many backyard fountains are self-contained. They pump water from a pool and then pour the water back into that pool so they don't need to have a separate source of water available. Many of them do need to have a source of electricity nearby so that the fountain pump will work, but others are solar powered, which allows for more flexibility in the backyard placement. Creative people can make their own fountain around a purchased pump and the containers of their choice. Flower pots, watering cans, an old whiskey barrel or even a collection of rocks can make interesting backyard fountains. Even copper rain chains suspended from a pole over a water reservoir, like a large flower pot, can make a simple and beautiful water feature. 

Simple Features

Not everyone has the backyard space to contain a pond or large fountain, but even people with a bit of outdoor space -- even a patio -- can enjoy the soothing presence of water. A tabletop fountain has a small footprint and can easily be moved around to suit the needs of its owner. A simple bird bath looks beautiful and lures wildlife to the outdoor space. Another option is to replace traditional downspouts from gutters with copper rain chains. They look beautiful in dry weather, and during wet weather, are functional and add to the sound of rain cascading to the ground. 


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Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

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