Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Nanny Agency To Care For Your Toddler

Bertha Ruiz

Are you looking for a reliable nanny agency to help care for your little one when you can't be there to do it? Following are three important features to look for when deciding which agency to hire:

Thorough Background Checks

One of the most important features the nanny agency you choose to work with should offer is thorough background checks on all the nannies they manage. You should have access to a variety of information about the nanny who will be responsible for taking care of your child when you aren't around such as:

  • Full Identity Records

  • Criminal Records

  • Driving Records

  • Reference Checks and Testimonies

  • Sex Offender Status

The nanny agency you work with should also be able to prove that the nannies they assign to you have clean child neglect and abuse records.

Unlimited New Nanny Requests

You shouldn't be stuck working with a nanny that you aren't comfortable with or that doesn't seem to meld with your household, so make sure that the nanny agency you hire will accept unlimited requests to change nannies if you feel the need to. For example, if a nanny doesn't seem to be getting along with your child you should be able to request the assistance of a new nanny.

And if that new nanny doesn't end up working out after a couple of months, there shouldn't be a reason you couldn't request yet another nanny to work in your home. Before hiring a particular nanny agency, ensure that you understand their policies and procedures about nanny change requests – it would be good to know beforehand whether there are any fees or penalties associated with such requests.

Evening Babysitting Services

Hiring a nanny agency that offers temporary babysitting services in addition to full time care assistance could come in handy if you want to make last minute plans to go on a date with your spouse or head out for a night on the town with some friends. You can just call the nanny agency and request a babysitter for the night without having to schedule it days or even weeks beforehand. You'll likely pay an extra hourly fee for the babysitting services, but you won't have to spend time tracking down neighborhood teens to do the job for you.

Schedule a consultation with your local nanny agency to find out more about how they can help ensure that your little one is well taken care of in the years to come. 


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