Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

5 Privacy Options For First-Floor Windows

Bertha Ruiz

If you have first floor windows that face the street or a shared yard, then you may have privacy concerns. Generally, you will want to allow natural light in during the day but you will not want your neighbors or people passing by to see into your home during the day or night. Luckily, you have several window treatment options to address first floor privacy issues. 

Bottom-Up/Top-Down Blinds

Bottom-up (also known as top-down) blinds are a current trend in decorating. These blinds allow you to adjust both the bottom rail and the top rail of the blinds, allowing you to leave the lower half, the upper half, or your whole window uncovered, depending on your current needs. On first floor windows, it is common to install these and then leave them covering the bottom half or two-thirds of the window. This will allow natural light in at the top but prevent others from seeing into your home. However, this will not work if there is a raised sidewalk near your windows that will allow people to see in through the top half. 

Bottom-up blinds can also be somewhat expensive, unless you decide to make them yourself. However, you will save on drapery treatments as these are usually installed without accompanying fabric treatments. 

Frosted or Tinted Window Films

A frosted or tinted window film can also give you extra privacy. These can generally be applied to the inside of the window and are easy to remove if you are renting. They also pair well with whatever curtains or drapery you have selected for your room, making them a simple and easy choice for privacy. 

Cafe Curtains 

Cafe curtains cover the bottom half of a window. They are popular in kitchens and bathrooms and are generally made of a semi-sheer material that allows the maximum amount of light while providing privacy. Cafe curtains can be hung on a tension rod placed in your window box if you are concerned about making new holes to hang your curtains. This makes them a good choice for renters. They also provide a more traditional look than either films or blinds. 

Layered Drapes 

Layered drapes give you the most control over your lighting and privacy. You should install a thick, lined fabric towards the inside of your room and a sheer or lace layer closer to the window. This way you can close the sheer layer for moderate daytime privacy and close the thick layer for full nighttime privacy. You can also close the drapes halfway for moderate privacy. Some people choose to install buttons on the lower half of their drapes to allow them to close the bottom half of the drapes while allowing light in the upper half of the window. 

Drapes With a Loose Weave

If you want a single layer of drapes, then you might want to choose a light cotton canvas or sailcloth. These have a slightly looser weave than other materials, which will allow filtered light into your room. However, they will also provide a high level of privacy during the day and a moderate amount of privacy at night. 

What type of window treatment you choose for your first floor windows depends on the level of privacy you desire. For example, if you are only concerned about moderate daytime privacy, a sheer curtain may be enough for you. However, if you are concerned about full nighttime privacy, then you will need to invest in blackout drapes for your room. Whichever treatment you select, you should check how much privacy it gives by looking at a room through the material in both a daytime and nighttime situation. You can click here for more info.


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