Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

5 Ways To Look Better In Your Bathroom Mirror

Bertha Ruiz

Do you have a full-length mirror in your bathroom? These mirrors can be critical while you are getting dressed, but they can also be a good way to check in with your naked body and practice self-acceptance on a daily basis. Experts say that many women think their face is their best feature simply because they are used to looking at it regularly. Encouraging yourself to look at your entire body in a non-critical way, the same way you look at your face while getting ready, can help you feel more comfortable about the way you look. If you find yourself regularly avoiding the bathroom mirror, or if you have not even bothered to install a full-length bathroom mirror, you should consider the following five ways to install your mirror in a more flattering manner. 

Treat Yourself to a Better Mirror

Mirrors can vary in quality, from what is used as the backing to how thick the glass is. Generally, thicker mirrors are considered higher quality as they hold their shape and do not distort the image they are reflecting. Additionally, a broken piece of a mirror, a crack, or flakes, can make you feel worse about your appearance than a whole mirror with a high-quality frame that you like. 

The first step to loving your bathroom mirror is to purchase a high-quality mirror with thick glass and a backing that will not chip or peel over time. 

Install Your Mirror Properly 

Even a thick mirror will begin to distort images over time if it is not installed properly. If your mirror is leaning against a wall, it will usually compress horizontally, making you appear shorter and fatter than you are. Alternatively, mirrors propped up in corners can compress vertically, making you appear skinnier and taller.

To avoid these distortions, your mirror should be immediately installed against a wall or door. If you cannot install your mirror as soon as it arrives, you should store it in its packaging, flat on the floor.  Alternatively, you can select to mount your bathroom mirror in a mirror stand. However, you will either need to mount it to a wood backing or select a thicker, free-standing mirror. 

Add Flattering Lighting 

Many bathrooms still utilize florescent lighting, which can affect the color of your skin, making you look sick or weak. To counter this, install warm lighting in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can approach the mirror with a few candles lit. The flickering of the light can add mystery to your shape and emphasize your features. 

It is also important to consider where the lights are placed in relation to your mirror. If your full-length mirror will be installed on your door, light from your vanity can cause glares in your reflection. You should aim to install lighting fixtures between you and your mirror, slightly closer to the mirror. 

Place Inspiring Images Nearby 

Modern Americans are bombarded by images of models and actors, which sets beauty standards for men and women at an unattainable level. To help you feel more comfortable with how you look, consider placing a few pieces of artwork exploring the human form in various incarnations in your bathroom. 

Add a Frame 

Just like a picture frame can complete a piece of artwork, framing your mirror appropriately can make you enjoy using it more often. Many bathroom mirrors are installed without frames. You may look into framed options, or you may consider utilizing decorative tiles around your mirror to create a framed appearance. 

Making a few changes to how your bathroom mirror is installed can change the way you feel about looking at yourself on a daily basis.


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