Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

3 Ways Moving Companies Are Going Green

Bertha Ruiz

Are you moving soon? If so, are you also concerned about the environment? You may be looking for ways to cut down on the carbon footprint associated with the move. After all, the fuel, boxes, packing materials, and emissions from the moving truck that come with a move all have a negative impact on the environment. The good news is some moving companies are making a move to go green on your behalf. These are the environmentally friendly companies you want to look for to do your move for you. Here are three ways today's movers are going green.

1. Using Environmentally Friendly Fuel

Some moving companies are making the switch to environmentally friendly bio-fuels. Biodiesel produces less emission pollution than traditional diesel. It is also easier on the environment to produce.

You can get just a good of a gas mileage with a moving truck run on biodiesel fuel as you can with a regular diesel truck. Because of this, you will be able to avoid paying extra fuel costs for your move, while doing your part to support movers who are protecting the earth. This is a move you will feel good about making.

2. Providing Green Boxes and Packing Materials

Another move toward being more environmentally friendly that some movers are making is providing their customers with green boxes and packing materials. The type of boxes used varies from company to company.

Some use biodegradable recycled cardboard. According to, others are using hard-shelled moving boxes that can be reused among customers, so there is no waste. Other companies will take the boxes you provide and reuse them on other moves. Boxes that cannot be reused due to their condition are recycled.

Still other companies are using biodegradable packing materials that they provide to their customers. If the packing materials can't be reused after a move, they can can be safely thrown away with the knowledge that they will easily return to the environment without harming it in any way.

3. Planting Trees With Each Move

One of the most interesting thing a handful of moving companies are now doing is planting one or more trees with each move they make. Trees are usually planted in the local community either directly by the moving company or by charities on the company's behalf. A few companies partner with charities to have trees planted in different places around the world.

Planting trees for each move helps to offset the carbon footprint made by the move itself. This applies to both the emissions and fuel from the truck, as well as replacing the materials used in the cardboard boxes.

It is a positive step toward protecting the environment that more companies are sure to take in the future. Customers seem to like it, so it is also a good way to draw in new business.


Making the move to green business practices makes a lot of sense for today's moving companies. Customers are looking for companies they can support that match up with their green beliefs. Going green attracts potential customers who want to do business with this type of company, while reflecting the overall business values of the owners of these moving businesses.

As the demand for more green options in moving companies grows, it is probable that more companies will adopt green practices. While the green moving industry is still relatively small, there are choices. If you are getting ready to move and want to use a green moving company, start looking around in your area now.

If you can't find one in your region, talk to a family owned moving company about going green. You may be surprised at how receptive they may be.


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