Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

Tips For Painting The Rooms In Your Home

From Reno To Rent: Getting Your Basement Ready For Tenants

Bertha Ruiz

Turning your basement into an income suite is a great way to offset the mortgage payments on your house. However, the work required to turn a normal basement into a rentable apartment can be staggering. When you commit to this idea, make sure you follow a few basic guidelines in order to make sure that the apartment is safe, up to code, and worth the amount of money you're going to charge. 

A Separate Entrance

If your house has a walk out basement, you're in luck, because it means that your home already comes with a built in separate entrance for tenants. However, if the only way access the basement is with the stairs inside your own house, you will need to find a way to do one of the following:

  1. Isolate the stairs in your house. For example, if you live in a split level home, you can build a wall in front of the stairs leading down, and a wall in front of the stairs leading up. Then, you'll put in two doors, both which can be locked, so that each person living in the house can have a secure entry to their living space. However, if the stairs leading down into your basement are not so conveniently located, this option won't work.
  2. Build a basement entrance from the outside. This usually requires the services of a contractor who can dig down, cut through the foundation walls, and pour concrete steps leading to the new door.

Natural Light And Egress

When turning your basement into an income property, you'll need to carefully examine the windows. Every apartment needs egress windows in each of the separate bedrooms. Sometimes, in older homes, basement windows are too small, and they may not open. These windows will need to be replaced with larger ones that either push out or slide over. Egress windows need to be large enough to a firefighter could fit through the window in order to enter the basement in case of emergency. These windows are essential to the rental suite passing inspection, because they are required for fire safety. Talk to a window replacement company such as Ken Caryl Glass Inc. about the correct window sizes for your state. 

The need to replace all the windows in the basement for safety can also kill two birds with one stone. Basement apartments must be well ventilated, and have no signs of dampness. Sometimes, older windows can let in cold air in the winter, which increases condensation in the apartment; new windows will be more energy efficient. 

In order to increase natural light in the apartment, it's best to try and make windows as large as possible. Another solution is to add a decorative window in the main room in addition to the windows that serve as egress. These windows are long and skinny, letting in plenty of light, as they stay entirely above ground. 

Ceiling Height

Every state has minimum ceiling height requirements in order for a basement to be a legal rental suite. In New York, the standard height is eight feet for newer homes, and seven feet for older homes. Similarly, in Utah, the standard ceiling height must be seven feet. 

Most newer homes have plenty of headroom in the basement, but in older houses, ductwork can bring the ceiling height down, causing tenants to stoop. If your ceiling height is too low, you will need to try:

  • contacting a contractor about underpinning the floor. This means that you increase ceiling height by digging down and refinishing the floor of the basement. 
  • replacing or relocating ductwork. Sometimes, ducts can actually be mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling. After all the ducts are moved, the wall will simply be built in front of it. Older homes may have ducts that are very large, so ceiling height can be achieved by using a more modern HVAC system with smaller conduits. 

Understanding these simple requirements can help you get a handle on whether or not renting out your basement is a feasible solution. 


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